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7even model management

The complete guide to hiring a fitness model

What is a fitness model?

A fitness model collaborates with brands, magazines and advertisers to promote activewear, fitness regimes and fitness-related products.

7even Model Management is based in Manchester and features some of the best fitness model talent in the UK, ready to take your brand or creative ideas to the next level.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest fitness brands, including Nike and JD Sports.

What does a fitness model do?

Fitness models often model for athletic clothing brands, fitness companies and supplement manufacturers. Their work often consists of them posing with products or wearing a brand’s sportswear for promotional purposes.

Fitness models are required to maintain a healthy and sculpted physique and generally epitomise healthy living.

You may see fitness models appear in commercial videos, in promotional materials and on billboards.

How can fitness models be an asset to your business?

Fitness models are highly sought after by fitness companies who require models to show off their products and/or services to prospective customers.

Fitness models can often be seen as a source of inspiration in the pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle. They are extremely useful to companies who are selling any form of fitness products, services and clothing as customers can see the products in use.

Fitness models are more likely to convince a customer to purchase a product or service if they can see someone using it themselves.

If you’re looking to hire a fitness model for your brand or business, we’re able to help you and you can contact us here to discuss your ideas and campaigns. We’d love to hear from you and connect you to one of our talented models.

You can also see our full portfolio of models here, featuring our mainboard, curve, male and development models.

How do I hire a fitness model?

Generally speaking, hiring a fitness model requires the following steps:

  • Have a campaign idea in mind, including location, themes and style.
  • Decide what skill sets you need for the shoot: model type and look, photographer, stylist, make-up artist, creative director etc.
  • Contact a modelling agency to help you match the perfect face to your shoot.
  • Discuss your aims, goal and style with an agency of your choice who will help you find the perfect model for you.

We make the process of hiring a fitness model as simple as possible.

For more information on how to hire a fitness model you can contact us, and we will discuss your project and help you with every step of the process. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Where are your fitness models based?

While our models come from all over the world, we’re a modelling agency based in Manchester, UK – home to the hottest fitness brands, stylists and creatives in the North and UK.

This gives us access to the best fitness modelling talent around. If you’re interested in hiring a fitness model from 7even, get in touch today for more info.

How do you apply to be a fitness model?

While we don’t actively recruit “fitness models” specifically, you can apply to be a model with 7even model management here. If you’re successful in your application, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some great brands.

When you apply, you will need to supply the following:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Height
  • Dress size
  • Two make-up free headshots
  • One full body shot

You can find out more about becoming a model here.