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7even model management

The complete guide to hiring a lifestyle model

What is lifestyle modelling?

Lifestyle modelling is a great option for those wanting to pursue modelling because unlike fashion modelling, there are no restrictions when it comes to a model’s appearance.

Lifestyle models can be any age, any size and any height because lifestyle modelling is all about capturing the everyday, not the runway.


A lifestyle model will participate in commercial work which might be a photo shoot for a local campaign. Lifestyle models will be snapped performing mundane activities such as shopping or walking in the park for example.

Lifestyle models are intended to look natural and are usually photographed in natural location settings. The idea is to promote the everyday lifestyle, as the name suggests.

Lifestyle modelling often goes hand in hand with commercial modelling as lifestyle models will often be used in business advertising.

How can lifestyle models be an asset to your business?

Lifestyle models are extremely valuable to a business because if you are selling a product, making a consumer feel like they can relate to the person they see using your products and/or services is a huge factor in boosting sales.

As a specialist modelling agency, we are skilled at representing some of the best talent that are suitable for a wide range of modelling careers.

Our success in lifestyle model marketing can be largely attributed to the demand behind commercial campaigns and businesses seeking to hire normal people that can connect with the wider public.

How to hire a lifestyle model

Generally speaking, hiring a lifestyle model requires the following steps:

  • Have a campaign idea in mind, including location, themes and style.
  • Decide what skill sets you need for the shoot: model type and look, photographer, stylist, make-up artist, creative director etc.
  • Contact a modelling agency to help you match the perfect face to your shoot.
  • Discuss your aims, goal and style with an agency of your choice who will help you find the perfect model for you.

We make the process of hiring a lifestyle model as simple as possible.

For more information on how to hire a lifestyle model you can contact us, and we will discuss your project and help you with every step of the process. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Where are your lifestyle models based?

While our models come from all over the world, we’re a modelling agency based in Manchester, UK – home to the hottest brands, stylists and creatives in the North and UK.

This gives us access to the best lifestyle modelling talent around. If you’re interested in hiring a lifestyle model from 7even, get in touch today for more info.

How do you apply to be a lifestyle model?

The good thing about being a lifestyle model is anyone can do it! While we don’t actively recruit “lifestyle models” specifically, you can apply to be a model with 7even model management here. If you’re successful in your application, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some great brands and potentially on commercial campaigns and shoots.

When you apply, you will need to supply the following:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Height
  • Dress size
  • Two make-up free headshots
  • One full body shot

You can find out more about becoming a model here.