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7even model management

The complete guide to hiring a fashion model

What is a fashion model?

Fashion models work with designers and stylists to represent brands and showcase their creations in photo shoots and fashion shows.

Designers will want to show off their latest collections to the public. Fashion modelling involves using models to wear and display clothing and accessories in order to attract potential buyers and media attention.

Fashion modelling is considered to be a form of advertising in the fashion industry. You will find fashion models appearing in magazines and catalogues as well as see them strutting their stuff down the runway at fashion shows.

Choosing the right fashion model for a shoot is often the difference between success and failure for many brands and designers.

Read on to find out more information about fashion modelling or contact us to enquire about hiring one of our models.

What does a fashion model do?

Fashion modelling isn’t just about wearing fancy designer clothes. A fashion modelling career may have all the glamorous perks but it is also an extremely difficult career to have and requires strict time management skills.

Fashion models must look and behave a certain way, therefore maintaining their body image through strict dieting and exercise is essential to a fashion model’s career.

Fashion models can also work long hours and will be required to travel extensively to take part in various photo shoots and fashion shows.

How can fashion models be an asset to your business?

A fashion model has the capacity to become the face of a brand. Models like Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner have catapulted to the heights of stardom having represented many famous designer brands such as Calvin Klein and Dior.

Models will flaunt and display your work, playing a pivotal role in the creative and technical process. Models can provide feedback on clothing designs and express how it feels as well as enable you to see clearly how styled garments will appear; bringing your vision to fruition.


If you’re looking to hire a fashion model for your brand or business, we’re able to help you and you can contact us to discuss your ideas and campaigns. We’d love to hear from you and connect you to one of our talented models.

We also work with inspirational creatives and fashion stylists in Manchester who have an eye for taking campaigns, shoots and brands to the next level. They’ve worked with stars such as Justin Theroux, Naomi Campbell and Tommy Fury, as well as brands, magazines and TV shows including Elle Magazine, Made in Chelsea and Time Magazine.

You can also see our full portfolio of models here, featuring our mainboard, curve, male and development models.

Which fashion brands have your models worked with?

7even model management features some of the most exciting fashion models in Manchester, UK. We’ve worked with huge fashion brands, including Boohoo, Vogue, ASOS, I SAW IT FIRST and Pretty Little Thing.

Thanks to our diverse portfolio of models, we’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading fashion brands.

How do I hire a fashion model?

Hiring a fashion model requires the following steps:

  1. Have a campaign idea in mind, including location, themes and style.
  2. Decide what skill sets you need for the shoot: model type and look, photographer, stylist, make-up artist, creative director etc.
  3. Contact a modelling agency to help you match the perfect face to your shoot.
  4. Discuss your aims, goal and style with an agency of your choice who will help you find the perfect model for you.

We make the process of hiring a fashion model as simple as possible.

For more information on how to hire a fashion model you can contact us, and we will discuss your project and help you with every step of the process. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Where are your fashion models based?

While our models come from all over the world, we’re a modelling agency based in Manchester, UK – home to the hottest fashion brands, stylists and creatives in the North and UK.

This gives us access to the best fashion modelling talent around. If you’re interested in hiring a fashion model from 7even, get in touch today for more info.

How do you apply to be a fashion model?

You can apply to be a fashion model with 7even model management here.

When you apply, you will need to supply the following:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Height
  • Dress size
  • Two make-up free headshots
  • One full body shot

You can find out more about becoming a model here.