Development models in Manchester

Check out Manchester’s newest faces and emerging talent from 7even Model Management. Using our vast industry expertise, we work closely with our development model, so when they represent your brand you know they’ll be on-point. If you’re interested in booking a 7even development model today, you can get in touch here.







Development Models FAQs

What is development modelling?

Development modelling is the process whereby individuals who have the potential to become successful models are tested and ‘developed’ into a professional, ready to join a competitive market.


How long does it take to become a professional model?

Modelling is a highly competitive industry that requires a lot of resilience, time management and most importantly, confidence! It can take a number of years to advance as a professional model and a model early in their career will learn a lot of valuable lessons and skills whilst on the job – a determination to succeed goes a long way!


What do you do to help your development models become successful?

We invest a lot in our clients because we believe in their abilities to shine. We help to train, layout portfolios and organise shoots to ensure that our clients have the best opportunities available to them to succeed. For more information about how you can succeed as a model with 7even, contact us!


How do I book a development model with 7even?

It’s easy to book a model with 7even. Simply contact us here for more info and we’ll call you back ASAP. We can’t wait to hear about your brand, concept, campaigns or ideas.